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Muspelheim Single Malt Whiskey : THE PEATED ONE


Yeast: brewer's yeast. Saccharomyces Pastorianus .

Malt: Scottish peated malt at 55 ppm.

Water: Water from Elvejordvannet, the melted glacier water of the Lyngen Alps.

Distillation: A combination of our copper potstill and our copper column with two active trays. The average distillation time is between 8-10 hours, the average alcohol content of the middle course is ~ 75% vol.

Storage: Muspelheim is a blend of our standard and peated whisky. The barrels used for this "world" were ex-Islay barrels (200 l), ex Bourbon Quarter Casks and a few smaller octaves.


Nose: honey porridge, raisins, medicinal peat

Palate: honey, sweet peat, vanilla, dried fruits


Bivrost® Muspelheim Single Malt Whiskey is handcrafted in the glow of the northern lights at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps at 69 ° N. Made from Nordic barley, fermented with melt water from the Lyngen Alps and distilled in our high-tech still. This is a combination of modern distillation technology and tradition.



    Muspelheim THE PEATED ONE

    Arctic single malt whiskey

    Aurora Spirit Distillery ⎪Distilled in 2017

    1st Fill Bourbon Quarter Casks / Refill Islay Barrels / Octaves

    Limited to 2282 bottles (400 for Germany)

    50cl bottle + gift box

    46% vol.


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