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Bivrost® Niflheim Single Malt Whisky is handcrafted in the glow of the northern lights at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps at 69 ° N. Made from Nordic barley, fermented with melt water from the Lyngen Alps and distilled in our high-tech still. This is a combination of modern distillation technology and tradition.


Nidavellir single malt whiskey


Yeast: brewer's yeast.

Saccharomyces Pastorianus .

Malt: Pilsener malt made from Nordic barley from Planet and Popino.

Water: Water from Elvejordvannet, the melted glacier water of the Lyngen Alps.

Distillation: A combination of our copper potstill and our copper column with two active plates. The average distillation time is between 8-10 hours, the average alcohol content of the heart is ~ 75% ABV.

Maturation: The barrels used to mature Nidavellir were made from European and American oak. The European oak casks were originally used by a winery in New Zealand to mature Pinot Noir for 12 months. 100 of these casks were then used by an Islay distillery for a limited edition release in 2020. Aurora Spirit was able to purchase 6 of these casks in order to use them for finishing. Before that, Nidavellir was matured in 125l and 200l Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels for 32 months. Nidavellir has deep cherry and summer pudding notes as well as the classic Islay characteristics in the nose and on the palate.


Nose: deep cherry and summer pudding, honey porridge, flowery sweetness

Palate: sweet, slightly medicinal peat, vanilla, cloves


Mythology around the name


Nidavellir is one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. It is described as a dark place with golden halls. The king in Nidavellir is called Hreiðmar and out of greed his son was turned into a dragon - Fafnir - who guards the king's hall. Later Fafnir is killed by Sigurd and his sword "Gram". Nidavellir is home to the dwarves who forged the chain "Gleipnir" with which they tied the wolf Fenrir. The description of Nidavellir comes from "Voluspa", the first and most famous poem of the Poetic Edda (collection of old Norse poems). The poem by Völuspá tells: Stóð fyr norðan á Niðavǫllum salr ór golli Sindra ættar, annn annarr stóð á Ókólni, bjórsalr jǫtuns, ęn sá Brimir hęitir. This part of Völuspá's creation poem connects Sindri's bloodline with a Viking Sindri called into a golden hall with a giant named Brimir.



    Arctic Single Malt Whisky


    Aurora Spirit Distillery ⎪Distilled in 2017


    1st Fill Bourbon Barrels / QCs and Ex


    Islay Barrique Casks


    Limited to 2496 bottles (400 for Germany)


    50cl bottle + gift box


    46% vol.


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